Wakamow Valley’s Winterfest, since it began in 2011, continues to showcase Wakamow Valley as the perfect recreational place for maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the winter months.  The horse drawn wagon rides through the campground is always a favorite activity, enjoyed by young and old alike.  Families enjoyed bundling up to enjoy the 20 minutes ride on the wagon pulled by the beautiful Percherons.

As an ongoing effort to educate about the natural wonders of Wakamow, a few activities were designed for environmental awareness.  These included crafting bird feeders and holding a nature scavenger hunt.  Children, with the help of their parents, were tasked to find pictures of birds and animals hidden in bushes around the park, which overwinter in Wakamow Valley.  Once they found the picture, the children learned basic information about the animal and a general appreciation for the variety of wildlife that resides in Wakamow Valley.

For the ‘Kids at Heart’ Wakamow held a Christmas Tree Toss competition for the adults.  The top tosser was awarded dinner for four courtesy of Harwoods Dining Room at Temple Gardens Hotel.

Wakamow also provided marshmallows to roast on an open fire, as well as a concession that sold hot food and drinks.

WinterFest continues to be well received by the citizens of Moose Jaw.  Although cold weather caused a smaller turnout than Wakamow was hoping for, those who did come out all said that this is a great event in the park.  Wakamow is grateful to the funding provided by ASUPCA to enable us in delivering this program and to the Moose Jaw Co-Op and Moose Jaw Safeway for providing donations for the concession.