Paashkwow Disc Golf Course

In August of 2019 Wakamow Valley installed a new 9 hole disc golf course in Paashkwow Park East. During the short season the course was very well received and we look forward to improving and expanding the course in the upcoming years.

Connor Park Challenge Course

Wakamow Valley installed a new playground in Connor Park to replace the existing, out of date, wooden play structure that was constructed over 30 years ago.  The new playground, a Challenge Course designed for 13 year olds – adult, is innovative and will promote increased physical activity and encourage healthier lifestyles.

Kinsmen-Wellesley Park Playground

In October 2016, Wakamow Valley staff and volunteers built a fully-accessible playground to replace the original structure which was vandalized and set on fire. Wakamow Valley Authority raised $70,000 through events, donations and grants between June 2015 and October 2016.

In partnership with the Trans Canada Trail and 38 Combat Engineer Regiment, a new suspension bridge was constructed in Wakamow Valley.  The bridge opened in October 2016 and the Naming Ceremony was held in August 2017.  The $400,000 project designed by Wakamow Valley engineers connects The Great Trail not only through the valley, but is the last connecting piece in Saskatchewan marking 100% connection of the trail in our province.

River Bank Restoration Demonstration Project

During the flood events of 2011, 2013, and to a lesser extent 2015, sections of the Moose Jaw River bank suffered severe erosion. The erosion that developed during those events was threatening infrastructure of bridges, roads, and trails.

Wakamow Valley Authority undertook a unique project in November 2015 to restore the river bank along two sections of the river and protect them from further erosion. The restoration work was designed with a bio-engineered or “green” approach that includes some in-channel rock structures or vanes to redirect channel flows. The project was completed in October 2016.

Rotary Park Accessible Washrooms

Wakamow Valley worked with students from Sask Polytechnic to install a fully-accessible washrooms at Rotary Park. The structure is a repurposed shipping container which was refitted off-site at Sask Polytechnic and put in place in summer 2016. The final steps were to build a ramp which was completed in September 2017.  The washroom will be fully functional and open for operation in spring of 2018.