Wakamow Valley Projects



Wakamow Valley staff and committee members are always thinking about the next project to protect or enhance the valley and park areas. Read below about some of the current and recently completed projects.


Wakamow Valley’s most recent playground project was to build a unique Challenge Course in Connor Park to replace the outdated, 30 year old wood structure. Thanks to the generosity of local businesses and residents the Challenge Course is fully installed and operational.



River Bank Stabilization Demonstration

Wakamow Valley Authority undertook a unique project in November 2015 to repair erosion along two sections of the river bank. Read More


Rotary Park Accessible Washroom

Wakamow Valley has been working together with students from Sask Polytechnic to install a fully-accessible washrooms at Rotary Park. Read more



In partnership with the Trans Canada Trail, a new suspension bridge was constructed in Wakamow Valley and officially opened in October 2016. Read More